Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beloved Eagle

An, ‘Eagle’, is in Eternal Paradise, asleep
Is it time for the heart to break and weep?
Let the Angels restore ‘him’ from the deep
Death, to soar high and the mountains sweep

The eternal peaks, with wings stretch'd wide
Majestic, like his country's symbol of Pride,
Reigns o'er the Earth, the Air and the Tide
Angels lamented anew when beloved Eagle died

The Heavens cried cold tears of desperate Woe
Covered the peaks with eternal majestic snow
Like flame transformed the cold into eternal glow
Dust to the dust! but his pure spirit shall flow

The Eagle lived, loved, and sought the ‘cure’
Fought the ‘Beast’ with courage and did endure
Agony did not tarnish his soul, loving and pure
Remains till the day we meet; of this am sure

Arise, ‘Eagle’, spread your Wings and Fly
Heaven's light shines your way to the Sky
Don’t let the Wind turn into a mournful sigh
Don’t let the Love wither in the cold; or die

MJK 10/31/1978 - 10/04/2010
RIP, beloved Eagle! 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

October Day

Like a cherished ‘Pale flower’, he grew
Its petals were nipped before they blew

Ere its time, it lay broken in the ‘storm’
A mighty spirit, caged in a ‘frail form’

‘Grief’ returned on a cold ‘October day’
Flowers decked the ‘Stone’ where he lay 

The songs are silent, hearts heavy and worn
Bereft, eyes laden with tears, hopes forlorn  

A ‘young heart’ is still, that was filled with ‘Love’
Shall not be extinguished; it shines from ‘above’

Dust to dust, yet his ‘Spirit’ outsoared the ‘night’
A flame transformed the darkness into Eternal Light

MJK 10/31/1978 - 10/04/2010
RIP, Eagle

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eternal Wings

Spring returns anew and the joyous birds sing
The ‘Eagle’ flew with glorious ‘Eternal Wings’

His Wings rival the Sun in its splendid light
Heaven, his aerie, called his wings to alight 

His scream, the Wind, awakened the sleepy dew
Atop the mountains that sparkled as he flew

His breath, the ‘Air’, revisited the cold peaks
Rekindled the ‘Fire in his pale frozen cheeks

A Shadow hanging against the ‘Azure Sky’
Engulfed the Eagle’s wing so he wouldn’t fly

‘Sadness’ remains hanging in the evening air 
When he flew; ‘Death laughed at our despair’

The Eagle left to join the ‘Heavens’, a ‘Star’
That shines the way to where the Eternals are

Departed this ‘Earth’ to soar upon the clouds
His ‘weakened hand’ tore ‘ALL’ the shrouds

MJK 10/31/1978 - 10/04/2010
RIP, Eagle

February 10, 2011

Friday, December 31, 2010

Fly Homeward, Eagle

Fly homeward, Eagle, where the ‘Eternal’ are
Fly homeward and grab the ‘Brightest Star’

Rejoice in the Abode of Angels where you belong
A lost Angel, at last in ‘Heaven’ found his song

The dying year flees swiftly with the ‘closing night’
Departing in 'misery', 'sorrow' and 'woeful plight'

‘Grief’, bid farewell to the agonizing parting year
Return anew, as the ‘joy and light’ will disappear

When ‘disease’ has extinguished the gentle breath
A life burnt swiftly by the cruel hand of ‘Death’

Proud Death has claimed him; he soared toward the Sky
The Sun embraced him gently and gave him wings to fly

Thawed the chains of mortality as he flew unconfined
By ‘scourge of dependency’, and left the pain behind

Fly homeward, Eagle, and rest in the blissful Light
Join the lamps of Heaven to shine through the Night

When the ‘dying years’ are spent and once this ‘rhyme’
Is sung; our ‘wings’ will join in flight for it is the ‘Time’

MJK 10/31/1978 - 10/04/2010
RIP, Angel

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Death Has Won Him

Melancholy, whisper gently lest he should awake
Was that the sound of a ‘heart’ about to break?

He sleeps rocked by the sweet hand of ‘Death’
Await, was that a tear, was that a gentle breath?

Was that a ‘Star’ that sparkled in shiny ‘blue’?
Was that the Sun that turned into ‘grayish hue’?

Was that an Angel; an ephemeral earthly guest?
Was that an ‘Eagle’ tired of his ‘burdened nest’?

Whisper gently lest the ‘Sleeping Eagle’ flies
Unto the ‘voiceless’ mountains with ‘veiled’ eyes

Lest ‘Death’ feeds on his anguished burning brain
On a heart tormented with years of ‘unbearable pain’

The ‘Heart’ is now still; that once stood to the storm
A mighty Angel was ‘caged in a feeble human form’

Peace, peace! Death has won him; yet the celestial ‘light’
Still shines the way to ‘Heaven’ on his ‘last eternal flight’

MJK 10/31/1978 - 10/04/2010
RIP, Angel

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Once Met an ‘Angel’

I once met an ‘Angel’
Who loved to play in the 'snow'
His hair like the 'setting sun'
His eyes incredibly 'blue'
Little had I known of the ‘pain’
That hid behind the ‘glow’

I once met an ‘Angel’
Who loved a ‘moonlight ride’
He stole a kiss in silence
When playing on the water slide
Our journey, from that moment,
Was destined to ‘be side by side’

I once met an ‘Angel’
Who took me on a ‘journey of wonder’
On a ‘Lake’ among the graceful swans
Little had I known that ‘fate’
Would break my heart asunder
And soon ‘He’ will be ‘gone’

I once met an ‘Angel’
My 'blood' flowed in his veins
Gave him extra years, 'seven'
But the ‘blood’ became ‘diseased’
Now ‘He’ is in ‘Heaven’
I’m thankful for the ‘time’
The 'memories' I was given

I once met an ‘Angel’
Who was the joy, the ‘light’
Who was the love and warmth
In the coldness of the night
How hard it was to ‘let go’ when
He longed for the ‘eternal flight’

I once met an ‘Angel’
Who had a ‘heart of gold’
He stood up to pain and illness
With courage and grace so bold
Like an ‘Eagle’ he flew ‘West’
With strength; his wings unfold

The Sun set on his wings
The mighty storms blew
In full swing
It was ‘FALL’ on earth
But where he finally flew
Is always ‘Eternal Spring’

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Elegy to Eagle

The ‘Eagle’ grew weary of his troubled ‘nest’
To Heaven he flew; that he may find his ‘rest’

Drawn to Heaven by the sweet eternal light
Of ‘Mercy’ beckoning and ‘relief’ in sight

For a Heart weary of ‘disease’ and ‘pain’
Wings once broken; will soar high again

Years of ‘pain’ hidden behind a smile
Troubled soul may go and rest for a while

Flowers scattered and embraced that cold place
Where he is ‘laid to rest’ and covered his Angel face

His Name and Birth ‘marked’ on a grave stone
Born in the same ‘month’ he has finally flown

Sweet October’ bitter; when he said goodbye
Time for his ‘hands to change into wings and fly’

The ‘veil’ is lifted and his ‘strength’ again restored
His voice once silenced is singing love for the Lord

‘Awake Him Not’; his Soul now rests
Rest in Peace, in Heaven’s best!